Through experience, we have found that all marine craft are different and therefore have different specific needs, dependent on the condition and degree of cleaning required. We believe we use the best products for each specific requirement.  All our stand-alone products are excellent, but by simply combining them, they create a highly powerful system to leave your boat looking like new.

Our non-abrasive products gently clean and protect, removing yellow/brown staining, atmospheric pollution, rusk marks, waterborne stains, cleaning away old, dirty existing polish, bird lime, soot and algae, doing this effectively and safely, enhancing the appearance and protecting the fibreglass.

We restore the finish to oxidised areas and surfaces around exhaust outlets, seal the gelcoat and give a long-lasting UV resistant shine.

Research shows that the durability of wax polishes used in boat detailing is limited by the corrosive effects of salt water, the effects of thermal radiation, direct and reflected UV, which can literally melt the wax off the boat’s hull and deck and the abrasion caused by the hull cutting through the water.  Generally, a wax finish on a boat hull and deck lasts around 3 to 6 months, depending on weather conditions.  Noting that many waxes and other sealants do not clean away pre-existing micro-contamination in the pores, it can seal the contamination in place, where it will continue to oxidise from the inside, under the wax coating.
We use a synthetic wax, sealing the microscopic pores in the gelcoat, giving a long-lasting protective film with a lightly polished finish.  This has better bonding characteristics that wax, better abrasion resistance and a much higher melting point.  Once sealed with the synthetic wax, your boat should last for at least a full season if regular wash down maintenance has been carried out.
Clean Bay use the finest metal marine restorer to clean and polish stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminium and other marine metals.  It is very versatile.  Polishing your marine stainless removes rust, corrosion, oxidation and tarnish, leaving your boat bright and shiny.
For peace of mind
All of our products comply with the ‘Global Harmonisation System’ regulations on labelling and packaging (EC) No:1272/2008 (CLP) now enforced in many countries worldwide, enabling products to be legally distributed within those countries.